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Relief from Sunburn:

Discover how to reduce pain and peeling from sunburn with a simple and natural remedy.


Sunburn Treatment:

Treat your skin with our new sunburn relief spray. This all natural sunburn relief spray is hypoallergenic, clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed product that provides instant relief from minor sunburn pain.


Sunburn Pain Relief:

Sunburn relief spray is an all natural remedy for sunburn pain relief. This spray will hep replenish, moisturize, soothe, and cool immediately from minor sunburns.


Anesthetic Sprays:

Sunburn relief spray provides instant cooling relief naturally from pain and itching due to minor sunburn without the use of sprays containing anesthtic drugs such as Solarcaine Spray, Americaine an others.


Trademarks: Solarcaine and Americaine are trademarks of their respective corporations.



This is serious business. Skin cancer is on the increase and everything you can do to protect yourself, family and friends from sun exposure is more important than ever.


Steps to PREPARE for a Day in the SUN


For Pre-exposure to the Sun use Heliocare and Sunscreen

During Sun Exposure continuously use sunscreen and sunburn relief spray with negative ions

Post-Exposure to the Sun use sunburn relief spray with negative ion




Take 2 capusles of the Heliocare before exposure to the Sun

Put on plenty of Sunscreen with at least a SPF of 30

Wear proper clothing to prevent Exposure as much as possible

Sun Exposure:

Continue to put Sunscreen on throughout Sun exposure

Spray on Sunburn Relief* spray for moisture and heat relief


Completely cover yourself with the Sunburn Relief Spray* to moisturize your skin, promote skin rejuvenation while relieving discomfort from minor sunburn. Even if you are not sunburned the Sunburn Relief Spray will promote tanning and healthy skin.


These products are only to be used for minor sunburns. If you have a sunburn, ask a doctor and / or seek medical help.

sunburn relief spray 8oz


sunburn relief spray is an all natural patented seaweed extract containing high amounts of negative ions from the sea. Because of the high concentration of negative ions the sunburn relief spray replenishes moisture, promotes skin rejuvenation while relieving discomfort from minor sunburn. 



sunburn relief Spray is

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clinically Tested
  • Dermatologist Reviewed
  • BPA Free
  • Not Animal Tested


Active Marine Ingredients:

Irish Seaweed


From the coast of Ireland. Moisturizes and promotes skin rejuvenation while relieving discomfort from minor sunburn. These all natural ingredients from the sea are high in negative ions and reinforce collagen, improve permeability of the cells and strengthen the skin's immune system from the adverse effects of UV radiation.


Ingredients: Water, Irish Seaweed Extract


Direction for Use:

Spray generously over mildly sunburned areas. Repeat as often as you like.



This product is only to be used for minor sunburns. If you have a sunburn, ask a doctor. This is not a sunscreen. For external use only.


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